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Business Contracts

There is an old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  A well-written contract that spells out clearly the obligations of the parties can help in avoiding more expensive litigation over what the contract meant later on.  We know that the internet is full of sample contracts, many of which were cobbled together from a variety of sources.  These contracts, not prepared with your business needs in mind, may be incomplete, or contain terms which you don’t want or agree with.  Worse, in many cases such documents can include multiple provisions dealing with the same subject matter, but in different ways, or use different terminology to refer to the same thing, creating ambiguities in the contract.  When a business transaction falls apart, and the parties need to go to the contract to resolve the dispute, an ambiguous contract is going to more likely result in court involvement to resolve than a contract that is clearly written, with little room for disagreement as to its meaning.

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