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Increasingly, the primary avenue of recourse for many business disputes is in the courts or before arbitration panels. Our paramount concern is the end result for our client, and we candidly assess the benefits and risks of litigation at the outset of every case.  We have a tremendous amount of experience in this area.  Attorney Fred Millard was not only a licensed General Contractor in 2 states, but also a business owner for almost 18 yrs.  When appropriate, we bring adversaries together, before litigation, to explore options available as alternatives to trial. If negotiation, mediation or settlement is appropriate, we explore all opportunities without compromising our client’s ultimate objective. The temptation to litigate, while compelling, should not be undertaken lightly, as it can prove to be both expensive and emotionally charged. There are times, however, when after careful deliberation, we advise the client that it is the preferred form of resolving disputes.

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Portland Oregon Construction & Business Litigation Attorneys

The attorneys and staff have one mission, to obtain maximum results in a straightforward manner.  Generally speaking, one seeks to retain counsel for one of three reasons,  they wish to right a wrong, to turnover the issue and relieve them of the stress or in response to being sued or about to be sued.

Highest quality of legal specialization both in and out of the courtroom.  Our small size enables us to provide personal and attentive service to our clients.

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