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Construction Law

Construction law in Oregon is an ever-growing and ever-changing field. Because of the immense expansion of the Pacific Northwest, more and more construction projects are underway and with them, disputes and contract issues arise. Even if it is to keep up to date on the fluctuating environmental regulations and safety issues, a construction lawyer is your best bet to stay ahead of the game and keep your business operating smoothly and efficiently. If any issues do arise, an experienced construction lawyer will be able to protect your interests and make sure your business can continue to thrive.

Portland Oregon Construction Attorney Fred Millard was a General Contractor for 15 years; this experience has given him a unique and thorough understanding of Construction Law and how it can affect contractors and property owners alike. Through the many difficulties which may arise, Attorney Fred Millard is there to protect his clients and make sure that their interests and the outcome of the project itself are not compromised. With his dedication to his clients and his hard work, Fred Millard has come to be a well-respected Construction Lawyer in Oregon and Washington.

Regardless of the issues or disputes you may be facing, Millard & Bragg may be able to help. Take advantage of our unique perspective and our expertise in all areas of Construction Law. 

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