We have put together a frequently asked questions page to help answer some of the questions you may have about Business Law, Construction Law or Insurance Law. Attorneys Millard & Bragg are happy to answer your questions personally during an initial consultation to discuss your case and legal options.

Can I file a claim for property damage that has taken several years to present?

You may be able to file a suit against a contractor or company regarding the work they provided, depending upon the specific circumstances.

What is “patent” in regards to construction law?

Patent, in construction law, refers to an error or fault in construction which is immediately present and noticeable.

Is there a way to entirely avoid problems with a construction job that my company takes on?

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that you will not have any issues with your project, particularly when unforeseen problems arise. However, with a construction attorney to help you with your contracts and throughout the entire construction process, you can avoid many problems and handle anything that does arise quickly, efficiently and to a good resolution for all parties involved.

Why should I hire a business attorney?

Generally, any business will need an attorney at some point or another. Sometimes the need will arise if a suit is brought against your company, but you may also find the need for a business lawyer in drawing up contracts and agreements, mergers, acquisitions, employee issues and more.

How is premises liability related to insurance law?

Premises liability refers to an injury accident on another person’s property. These claims usually involve insurance companies and will require a legal professional to make sure that you receive just compensation for your claim. If you are an insurance provider, you will need an attorney to protect your interests and make sure you are not required to pay for an invalid claim or more than a claim is worth.

What are some common issues that will require a construction attorney? Usually any damage, delays or mistakes in a construction project will fall under construction law. In addition, environmental and contractual issues will need the attention of a construction attorney.

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