Business Contracts: Papers to Protect You During a Dispute


Business Contracts:  

Papers to Protect You During a Dispute

Too often do we hear about the cases that get thrown out or go the wrong way due to an invalid contract that did not hold up in court. The contract is the cornerstone of any business transaction and is there to protect both parties in the case of a dispute. It contains the scope of work and all provisions which govern when disputes arise.

Any savvy business owner will have a contract created for each job that will help put that company in a good position when a dispute arises and it’s time to call a lawyer. Properly written contracts with the proper clauses can save a contractor thousands in legal fees down the road.

 A written legal contract is necessary these days, we no longer live in a society where a handshake or a verbal agreement mean anything. Businesses who operate this way will lose money, especially those businesses that are profitable.

If you as a business owner are considering using a template contract or a contract given to you by a third party, you need to have that agreement revised for your business and reviewed by a professional lawyer, so as to make sure your legal rights are protected.

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