[VIDEO]: Talking About Liens in Oregon and Washington with Fred Millard

[VIDEO] Talking About Liens in Oregon and Washington with Fred Millard

Portland based Attorney Fred Millard has been practicing insurance, Construction and Business Law for over a decade. His unique background includes 17 years as the owner/operator of a successful Construction Company, as well as the owner/operator of an Insurance Adjusting Company.


Let’s talk about liens. A construction lien is somebody’s right, whether it’s a material supplier whether it’s a contractor subcontractor – it could be somebody you never even met, you didn’t even know existed. But entity or person provided materials labor to your construction jobs. Even though you didn’t hire them as the owner, they may have been hired by a subcontractor, they may have been hired by a general contractor. You could and up being liened because that entity was not paid by whoever was supposed to pay them and even know you paid fully for the project you could end up paying again.

If you’re thinking about doing a construction project; whether it’s remodeling, whether it’s a new construction project, whether it’s an addition, whatever it is there are issues you need to consider before you sign on the dotted line. Many times issues that you should be considering before you enter a contract will raise their ugly head once construction is underway or even after construction is completed and if you don’t consider them be four you signed the contract before the construction project gets underway they could raise a very ugly head later on. So it would behoove you to see an attorney, come talk with me so we can discuss these issues before you sign a contract and make sure that you’re protected for later on.

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