[VIDEO]: How Running a Construction Company Helped Me Be a Better Construction & Business Lawyer.

Look, I’ve been practicing law for 15 years and I’ve seen a lot of different cases, and before that I was a building contractor for 20 years. There aren’t very many tricks that I haven’t seen, alright.

Like I can stop on a construction site that is standing still and pretty much within a few minutes tell you accurately why this problem is on the construction site. I’ve been in the business so many years; that is why I became a construction lawyer.

Insurance, the same thing. I’ve dealt with so many insurance claims before I went to law school. I usually know what moves the insurance company is planning. It is all in the culture. Insurance claims have been being settled the same way for thousands of years. Although I am not professing to be thousands of years old, sometimes I feel that way.

But nevertheless no matter where I go my experiences tells me that insurance claims are handled by insurances adjusters and insurance companies the same way; whether it’s in the east coast of the United States, whether it’s in in Europe, whether it’s on the west coast; it’s a tried and true method. Which because I was an insurance adjuster for many years I have learned, I understand it and I know how to work within that environment. It’s the same with construction.


Very few lawyers, if any, that I know can make the same claim. Most construction lawyers become construction lawyers because they studied architecture in school, or because they worked on a construction site while they were in college or maybe in high school. But I ran a construction company for almost 20 years.